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Rudolf Kortenhorst likes to paint portraits, but also likes to paint still lifes, experiments with different styles and also sculpts. Furthermore, some of his paintings are for sale.
Family portraits
Commissioned portraits
"Yes, you can taste the most intimate atmosphere of a family or group of people, but at the same time it is also the most difficult to paint"
Children's portraits
Commissioned portraits
"Rudolf creates a bond in a short time. Rudolf first takes pictures in the familiar environment of the child himself"
Animal portraits
Commissioned portraits
"Dogs and cats often also appear in his work together with a child or adult"
For sale
Own creativity
Paintings by Rudolf Kortenhorst for sale. You can contact us via the contact page.
Business portraits
Commissioned portraits
"Usually he visits them at their workplace, some want to be painted in the wild"
Free work
Own creativity
"Still lifes, landscapes and subjects that move him emotionally"

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