Portrait painter
Rudolf Kortenhorst

Besides being a portrait painter, Rudolf Kortenhorst also sculpts and teaches painting.

Portrait painter Rudolf Kortenhorst paints at home and abroad. For example, he has portrait commissions in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ireland and Greece.

More than 100 years ago: first female member of the Senate of the States General: Carry Pothuis-Smit.

News about portrait painter Rudolf

More than 100 years ago:

First female member of the Senate of the States General: Carry Pothuis-Smit.

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Caroline Kortenhorst (daughter):
It was always an adventure to climb up [daddy's studio]. The attic is where daddy is always busy with his new creation. The smell of turpentine and paint still creeps into my nose. Funny that I miss that scent. Once arrived it was a kind of maze with donkeys and beautiful paintings. I am extremely proud of my creative father. What an enormous talent and what a beautiful fantasy!
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